Announcing Free Managed OpenMetadata: Unify Data Discovery, Observability, and Governance


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Collate is excited to announce the launch of our free tier of managed OpenMetadata that unifies data discovery, observability, and governance to build high-quality data and AI assets. Get started in minutes with a ready-to-use cloud service designed for modern data practices, with features like column-level lineage, code-free data quality tests, collaborative business glossary, and much more. Collate’s free tier is an industry-first service designed for data teams to get started with their own data, and you can sign up today for the waitlist.

OpenMetadata Growth and Adoption

We’re making it easier than ever to get started with the fastest-growing metadata platform. In just three years, OpenMetadata has 1,500+ enterprise deployments, 250+ community code committers, and 4,500+ GitHub stars. Our team includes the founders and PMC members of Apache Hadoop, Apache Atlas, Apache Kafka, and Uber Databook, and they built OpenMetadata for ease of use and robustness based on these experiences. OpenMetadata’s rapid growth can be connected to the value it delivers to data teams:

  • The only unified platform for all your use cases: Get complete context for your data across discovery, observability, and governance, made possible with a Unified Metadata Graph that centralizes all the metadata for all your data assets.

  • Built from the ground up for modern data teams: Open source software development, open APIs, schema-first architecture, and extensible metadata give control and customizability over how you use and understand your data.

  • Designed for simple setup, operations, and usage: The minimized architecture has only four system components, with an user experience is designed for technical and non-technical users to collaborate together.

Free Managed OpenMetadata service from Collate

Get started easily on the industry's first and only free managed metadata platform cloud service. Collate’s free tier enables your team to build and manage high-quality data and AI assets without the need to set up and maintain data infrastructure. It’s been built from the ground up to support modern data practices, with the features needed to you give more complete understanding and context around your data, including:

  • Data Discovery: integrated catalog, quality, and glossary; natural language search, column-level lineage, 80+ turnkey data connectors, social discussion and activity threads

  • Data Observability: code-free data quality tests, alerting and notifications, incident management, quality dashboards, data profiler, pipeline monitoring, root cause analysis

  • Data Governance: data dictionary, business glossary, classification tags, automated PII classification, data stewardship dashboards, automated description generation

Collate Free Tier includes the core open source features of OpenMetadata, with additional enhancements, such as cost analysis, knowledge center, and metadata automations. Data teams can continue to deploy open source OpenMetadata, try out the product experience in the live product sandbox, and now sign-up for our free new managed service.

Getting Started with Collate's Free Tier

  1. Start Fast: The free tier is designed for modern data teams to get up and running in minutes. Set up data connectors to your sources, ingest metadata, invite team members, and start working with your data.

  2. Sign up Now: Get started by signing up for the waitlist, and we'll send you an email invitation as soon as possible.

Transform Your Data Culture Today

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